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Winter Checklist Challenge registration is open!

Registration is open! Click here to sign up.

Winter is getting closer and closer, and you know you will feel worse and worse soon. The coldness, the change in light, the early darkness. It all feels like it’s crushing you.

I used to be crushed by winter every year, too. And then a few years ago I started doing things I knew would eventually make me feel better, every day, and I started refining a checklist of actions that would help. For the last two winters I’ve done my checklist every day and have felt clear-headed and peaceful all winter instead of numb and agitated. The checklist is a combo of things I ingest, move, and do every day, and it takes me about 70 minutes spread out over the course of the day to do mine. (I’d rather spend 70 minutes doing this stuff than 70 minutes feeling bad.)

So this year I’m opening up my checklist as a challenge that will run November 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021. Everyone who makes it all the way to the end with 10 or fewer missed days will get a pin and the satisfaction of having done something kind and gentle for yourself.

There is no guarantee that doing this challenge will improve or stabilize your mood, but that’s impossible given the political climate and the fact that it’s 2020 anyway. What I can guarantee is that if you stick with the challenge and keep going even when you miss a day or two, you will know you are giving yourself the care and sweetness that you deserve.

I thought hard about what to price this challenge at. It needed to be enough that you wouldn’t drop out after the first week, or if you missed a day. I think the value of the challenge is a dollar a day, or $151 for the whole November to March stretch. But that prices it out of reach for some people, so I cut that in half and am charging $75.

So: If paying $75 will keep you in, choose the $75 pricing option. If paying $151 is more likely to keep you going (or you want to pay by value), choose the $151 pricing option. It’sthe same challenge, whichever oe you choose.

When you sign up, you’ll get an email (probably into your Promotions folder) with the following:

1. A pdf with all the instructions for creating your wn checklist or following mine exactly (but with your own friends and family, obvs).

2. A spreadsheet you download and modify that is your actual checklist that you keep rack of every day.

3. A link to the big spreadsheet of everyone doing this, where you check every day when you finish your checklist.

4. A link to join the Discord server to talk about the challenge with other people doing it. This is optional. Discord is a simple, non-commercial messaging site/app used by gamers that I’m using for this because it’s so simple and there are no ads or selling our info. If you have access to a teenager, they’ll get you on it.

5. Instructions for how to get a daily email reminder to do the checklist if you want on. I am NOT sending out daily email reminders for this unless you ask to get one.

If you want to join but don’t want to pay through Shopify, Cashapp me to $Pecsenye or Venmo me to @MagdaMedia and make sure you put your email address in the memo line.

Yay! I’m glad you’re interested in the challenge! The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can start assembling everything you’ll need to do your checklist.

Click through to sign up.



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