Flash Consulting

Do you just need someone to tell you what to do?

I’m Magda Pecsenye and I solve people’s problems with them for $500.

(Yes, it’s actually that simple. We talk through your thing and solve it and you pay me $500.)

Your problem is that you have a problem.

Or an issue, or something you’re trying to decide, or something you don’t know how to do, or you just need someone to cut through everything and tell you what to do and how to do it.

I solve people’s problems.

I mean, I can’t change external forces or make someone else act in a certain way, but I come up with a way for you to do what you want to do, or figure out what you actually want to do.

You get both sides of my brain (I have an undergrad degree in Comparative Literature from Bryn Mawr College and an MBA from the University of Michigan), all my mom skills, my management consultant intuition, plus my weird hyper-empathy and synesthesia.

Magda has a way of looking at the issue from all angles, removing all emotion and coming up with the simplest, most straightforward solution. She’s also SUPER smart, and plain spoken. She doesn’t make you feel like an idiot for not seeing what was crystal clear to her.


You and I talk (or IM) through your problem, and then find a solution that feels good to you and is doable.

While we’re finding your solution I am:

  • honest. If you’re missing something huge or about to create a problem in your life I will tell you that straight out.
  • kind. I think tough love is way overrated.
  • on your team. I don’t take clients I don’t like and I’m dedicated to seeing you succeed, whatever that means for you. Sometimes that means saying something you don’t want to hear, but better hearing it from me in a low-risk setting than failing in the actual situation.
  • discreet. I will never tell anyone you worked with me and I don’t keep notes. (You can tell anyone you worked with me, though, so this isn’t secret unless you need it to be.)

I come at things from a strategic angle, not a therapeutic angle.

I am not a therapist*, a doctor of any sort, and the only thing I’m licensed to do is drive. You are solely responsible for acting on any solution we come up with.

* I LOVE therapy and I get really happy when I get people who use me as the step right after or parallel to therapy to make an action plan or find a solution to something they identified in therapy but that is out of the scope of therapy.

A selection of problems people work with me to find solutions to:

  • “I’m twisted in knots about my kids and school this year. Help me come up with a plan to lose my feeling that I’m failing as a parent.”
  • “I love my company but hate my job” OR “I love my job but hate my company. What should I do?”
  • “Should I get a divorce?/How can I get a divorce?”
  • “I’m thinking about restructuring my entire fee schedule and billing system for my practice and I’m afraid I’m missing something and don’t know how to value parts of my practice.”
  • “Can I make money doing my big idea and if I can, how?”
  • “My partner and I want to do something together but we can’t figure out how to sequence it or make the time to make it make sense.”
  • “I just need someone to tell me how to do it. I need someone else to be the adult right now. “
  • “I need a neutral person to find the holes in my plan so I can fix them.”
This is what I look like when we’re on Zoom together and you say something funny.

How Does It Work?

You click through here and choose a time to talk and tell me what format you want to talk in and anything about your problem you want to share, and then we talk at the time you choose and solve it.

It’s not a solution unless you’re happy with it and it’s in reach for you.

In real time with a client, it usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour to come up with a solution they feel good about. Sometimes it’s twenty minutes, sometimes it’s 90 minutes. Usually the problems that seem most intractable have the clearest path to a solution.


No, I mean how do you solve things?

Well, it’s a combination of my weird brain and the skills I’ve developed in business and as a mom and as a writer. I’m empathic and I have synesthesia, so decisions and objects and people and ideas and feelings all feel like energy. So when I think about a problem it looks in my head like fixed pieces that are static and variable pieces that are lit up, and I just push on the variable pieces until they fit together in ways that make sense and feel right.

When I’m solving in real time with a client I ask a lot of questions and that makes the pieces go into place on their own for the client.

I am skeptical of getting on the phone with some lady from the internet and telling her my problem. 

You should be. It’s a weird idea. But it works. Solving problems and talking through things is my thing. Plus, it’s usually a lot easier to tell a neutral person your stuff and know you’ll get a more objective plan than it is to tell someone you know.


Here’s what people are saying about working with me:

I just graduated from trades school and want to start a tiny-home consulting business, including how to construct a contract for my services. I had quite a few rambling ideas, but I was ready to have my ideas make sense. I sought out Flash Consulting. Magda Pecsenye, Flash Consulting’s owner, focused my ideas into precise yet understandable language. Thanks to her inimitable and invaluable assistance, I am ready to move forward in constructing my livelihood!
-Andrea Plaid
Your email re: my daughter was SUPER helpful and really helped my husband & I reframe things. We’ve had a couple of good chats with her, too. Right now we’re in a really good place.
I still use the things I got out of my Flash Consult, five years later, and probably will for the rest of my life. Beyond simplifying and sequencing what I needed to address first, every interaction as we worked through the details left me with another insight, another way to shift perspective or approach. Even the way she phrased her understanding of the problem gave me perspective on what I was trying to do, so I could apply my existing skills more effectively. If you have a big problem, or an ouchy one, or just one that never seems to get solved, I highly recommend you hire her for a Flash Consult. Totally, totally worth it.