Work with me

There are so many ways to work with me:


Pay me to solve your problem or check your work. Do a Flash Consult with me about your work, personal, family, business, or mixed-up problem. It’s $500 and you can read about it and schedule it here.

Pay me to consult and solve your team or organization problem in the workplace. It’s $1000 and you can sign up here, or book a short call to see if I can fix your issue or if you need to just quit and move to the woods and become a hermit and leave corporate behind.

Sign up for my free weekly essays on solving problems as good management, or subscribe to my paid weekly lessons on setting up a problem-solving system at work and then actually solving problems at work. The paid subscription is $50 per year or $5 per month, and you should be able to expense it at work. (Signing up for the paid subscription automatically signs you up for the free essays.)

Bring me in to your event or conference or workplace series to speak.

Bring me in to your organization to support managers and teams by implementing the Tilmor Process for People Management to boost transparency, trust, and engagement. Clear the chaos so your leadership programs actually work.

Bring me in to your organization to analyze how to adjust your policies and processes to create loyalty and retention, and/or explore how to revamp your hiring processes to attract loyal, engaged new hires.

Message me at Magda at tilmorgroup dot com or book a time to talk about how we can work together to solve your work problems.