Manager training

Great at the content of your job but struggling with the managing part?

It can be worse for people who are excellent at their jobs to transition to manager, because everyone assumes you’ll pick up everything you need to know and will be able to manage well without ever being taught. But managing well and ethically is entirely different practice and set of skills and processes than other jobs, and how would you be able to coordinate and pace it without being taught?

I teach managers the practice and skills of managing, and lead you through creating the processes and systems that fit for your specific team in your organization in your industry. There are universal truths and strategies of managing well, but you need to customize tactics to your own situation, and I’ll teach you how to do that.

You’ll also learn a communication process that will become the spine you’ll build the rest of your processes around. And you’ll build in feedback systems so you don’t fall into micromanaging or imposter syndrome, and you’ll be able to manage with a steady but light touch so your people can flourish on your team and as workers.

The training can be individual coaching, which is a combination of teaching and mentoring and goes low and slow over several months. It’s appropriate for anyone who’s about to become a manager, for new managers, or for managers who have been in place for awhile but didn’t get the training or support you really needed to feel confident and have ease in managing people.

You’ll come out of the training enjoying managing and having tangible proof that you’re doing it well.

We can configure this training as one-on-on coaching, or as a group training class for multiple managers in your organization.