Talks and trainings

I do talks for your event and trainings for your organization. My focus is on thriving as a manager and healthy work processes and communication in the workplace. Your attendees will walk out of a session with me with next steps to do that give them immediate positive feedback and increase engagement and loyalty on their teams.

All of my trainings and talks assume an organizational commitment to equity and access, and a curiosity for kind and peaceful ways to energize employees to do great work together.


New! Back to Work and Thriving. There wasn’t a chance to be intentional about sending everyone home or furloughing people when the pandemic started, so now that the world is opening up again, it’s important to bring people back to work with a plan that gives everyone their confidence, safety, and engagement back. Whether you’re bringing people back to a physical location or just renewing your dedication to your core business now that you survived the pandemic, you can create safety for your people and for yourself as a manager, and make the return a nourishing process that lets everyone work through the quicksand feeling of the last year. You deserve an energizing and hope-filled return, and I’ll teach you how to create that for yourself and your team.

This training is 70-90 minutes, depending on the specifics of your organization and employees.

Managing People Right Now with the Tilmor Process. This training goes into the unfortunate historical origins of the modern workplace and current management practices and why they’re so harmful to managers and managed alike. Then we learn the process for a new way of managing that focuses on the people who are working for you and how to bring out the best in them and you at the same time. Attendees report being hopeful and excited to start using the Tilmor Process by the end of this training, and appreciate the focus on equity and creating a kind system.

This training is 90 minutes to 2.5 hours, depending on how much time you can give for it.

Tilmor Process Certification. This certification process in the Tilmor Process for Managing lasts for six months and consists of three group training sessions and then a 20-minute individual phone call every other week for each manager going through the process. Emphasis is on using your own personal qualities and skills to manage your teams to maximize team members’ personal qualities and skills. By the end of the certification process, you will be a manager people want to work for and you’ll be developing leadership in your team members.

Unstick Your Process by Documenting It. Do you have a document detailing the work process from start to finish, including roles, for your team? If not, this is probably costing you time, energy, money, and love both inside and out of your team. This training will teach you how to document your entire process with your team, how to document what your process should be, how to reconcile the differences, and how to set up systems so you can update your process documents regularly so you don’t have to start from scratch again.

This training is about an hour long, but we might run long if attendees get as excited about processes as I am.


People-focused Management and the Soul of Your Organization. What if you could be doing something truly great and necessary for the world and bringing your employees fully into that mission as equal partners? Focusing on what your people need to do great work with the best parts of themselves is the recipe for a stable and dynamic organization that changes the world.

45 minutes, with examples and strategies specific to the organization running the event.

Lead from the Center. Great managers aren’t born, they’re facilitated. And great managers don’t motivate, they facilitate. You can’t lead unless you also manage right now in the thick of the action, facing the same stresses and challenges your people face. Why is it important to be in the same environment your people are in, and how can you maintain authority and regulate disruptions from inside the storm?

45 minutes, with examples and strategies specific to the organization running the event.


Managing Mothers. Mothers bring a set of experiences and skills to the workplace that makes them enormous assets to your team, but if mothers are managed incorrectly they’ll check out and give you the minimum. Learn proven, easily-implemented strategies to keep mothers feeling valued and engaged.

Be an Umbrella for Your Team. Your job as a manager is to create a space for your team members that is safe and allows them to do great work without interference. You can support your team best by fending off external pressures, whether or not you get support from your own manager. Learn how to be an umbrella to keep your team safe and functioning no matter what external conditions are.

To find out if I’m a fit for your organization, email me to talk at Magda dot Pecsenye at Gmail dot com, or just book a time to talk on my calendar.

What people say about bringing me in to train their organizations:

“You are the funniest presenter we’ve had for this entire series. Thank you for being so easy to work with!”  — Tech Support for a professional association I did a webinar for

“This is already working. I’m so glad we brought you in!” — A manager who started implementing my plan a few hours after our session

I really like your people and want all of you to be successful.