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Moving forward into next school year

You and your kid have survived (mostly) this pandemic year by sticking together and doing what you needed to do. But the world is opening up, and next school year is going to be something new. How can you make peace with what happened this year to figure out what to trust this coming year so you know how to let your kid out into the world (and school) again without harming your kid or yourself?

I need a dozen or so parents to go through a series of six specific strategy sessions with me to get to a plan for the fall for your kids that feels doable and aligns with who you are as a person and a parent and honors your relationship with your kid.
These sessions are strategic, not therapeutic, and are focused on understanding systems, analyzing behavior, making predictions, and establishing expectations.
The six sessions will each be 1-2 hours long, and we’ll do them by Zoom or phone or IM, your choice.
The cost for this strategy series is $900, half of the actual cost for these sessions. In exchange for this beta rate, you agree to let me use your stories (anonymized, of course) for the book I’m writing to lead people through this process on their own.
Why should you do this with me? Because you’re exhausted and scared and feel stuck and like the fall could be the most dangerous time if you don’t have a plan, and you can’t allow yourself to make things worse for your kid.
And because this intersection of problem-solving, parenting, strategy, and understanding and navigating systems is my exact wheelhouse.
If this is you, message me (@askmoxie on Instagram or Magda dot Pecsenye at Gmail) and we’ll decide if this process is right for you, and then we’ll schedule the sessions. If this is not you but you know someone who needs this, please send this info page to them.
I’ll announce when the book is ready for pre-orders!